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Company Profile

PRESSTEK is a young company with a huge experience in ‘Metalforming’.

The M.D.  Of PRESSTEK alone has 40 years in Press Manufacturing and now in Marketing of Presses and all Ancillary Equipment for things METALFORMING. Over the years the dealings has been with most Press manufacturers. Brands like Schuler,  Aida,  Komatsu, Fukui, Hitachi-Zosen, Amada, Yodogawa, Amino, Raster, Clearing, Erfurt, Krupp, Ravne, Haulick Roos, Bruderer, Feintool, Schmidt, Danly,  Clearing, Minster and now with Yangli, Yangzhou Metalforming Group, Yiyou,  Misk, Shenglong. Numalliance, Ravni  And Lms. Lee Yih, Shungdaar.Kingjime.


These Companies specialize in Metalforming solutions for most applications.

Now working with a selected few companies as listed on this webpage.

Most of these are Mechanical, Hydraulic and some with sophisticated Servo-mechanisms.

These brands cover a ‘huge’ variety of products and can provide most metalforming solutions depending on the quality, performance and the target overall economic solution.

The Type of Presses covered are based on their ‘Mechanics’ and the type of industry most suited for.

Crank type presses, Crankless presses, Friction Screw and Motor Screw press, Hydraulic press, Knuckle Joint press, High Speed press for Motor laminations.

Single Point Press, Two Point Press and now Three point Press for laminations.

Four Point Automotive Presses with Fixed Beds and Moving Beds.

Mechanical feeders, Roll Feeds, Gripper Feeds, NC Feeds.

De Coilers, Straighteners, ‘3 in 1 ‘Lines.

Part Straighteners for accurate flat ‘blanked’ parts.

Wire and Tube Bending solutions.

Wire, Tube and Section straightening and cutting machines.


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